turning the corner


It’s funny that my last post was about a new low for me. I felt like I had finally hit rock bottom. But things have turned a corner and are definitely looking up…WAY UP! There is some amazing news that we will share soon 🙂 (no it’s not a baby!) haha

God sure has a sense of humor. He is probably laughing at me constantly and saying “stop complaining. Don’t you know I have your back?!”

faithBreak the habit.Proverbs 19:21    

A new low

Last night I spent the night at my parent’s house (I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately, and I love it!). Mark had to go out of town for the night. We had family dinner and then Courtney, my exercise parter :), and I went on a bike ride up some good hills and definitely felt the burn/looked at homes for sale to see that I will never be able to afford any of them, and then stopped at the track to run. I really love running with that girl. She makes me laugh the whole time, especially last night 😉 (you know what I’m talking about Court!) Then we went home and watched Dance Moms.
At about 11:45 I was laying in bed all toasty and comfy when I realized how pathetic I was in that moment. I thought to myself, “I’m 23 years old and sleeping in bunk beds at my parents house…I’ve got to get my own place!” The only thing that helped me sleep was the reasurrance of knowing that that wasn’t my reality, I’m not THAT pathetic, it was just one night luckily!

Tomorrow evening we are going out with a realtor to figure out our reality. Hopefully after tomorrow night we will have a solid game plan and be able to move our little life along.

Being grown up requires a lot more thinking and planning than I was expecting! But luckily I have wonderful family who lets me crash in their bunk beds 🙂

Hey Soul Sister!

Last week I got the chance to hang out with my sisters while my parents were in Maui celebrating their 25th anniversary! (Happy Anniversary mom & dad!)
I was really excited to get to spend the whole week with all three of my sisters since I haven’t gotten to spend as much time as I would like to with them since I left for college. But since I’m back now my parent’s asked Mark and I if we would stay with them for the week and help get them to all their activities, and let me tell you, they are busy girls and have LOTS of activities!

Although the week didn’t start off so great, me and Rachel don’t always get along mostly because we are so much a like and both so stubborn, but the week got much better and I had a great time with them! It’s still crazy to me that Taylor is a sophomore in high school and Courtney is the big man on her middle school campus! When I left to go to school they were these tiny little girls with chubby cheeks!
They amaze me every day with how smart and funny and talented they are. I love being home and being able to go to their soccer games and orchestra concerts and go running with them (yes, the other night all 4 of us went running together!)
I love these gorgeous, smart, witty, sassy and some times pains in my butt, girls!


a new find

I found an amazing new mascara a couple days ago! I have really sensative eyes that get really irritated if I use a mascara that dries out and flakes. I was using Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion, which was the best I had found for a while.

But then a couple days ago I went to get a new one because mine was almost out and I saw the L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagen and looked up some reviews on my phone. They all looked pretty good, they said it didn’t dry your eyes out or get all flaky so I decided I would give it a try.
And the consensus is…the best one yet! I’m loving it! It gives so much volume and length to my lashes and it doesn’t get dry and flake all over my face during the day! So if you are looking for a new mascara I would definitely say give L’oreal extra volume collagen a try!