Hey Soul Sister!

Last week I got the chance to hang out with my sisters while my parents were in Maui celebrating their 25th anniversary! (Happy Anniversary mom & dad!)
I was really excited to get to spend the whole week with all three of my sisters since I haven’t gotten to spend as much time as I would like to with them since I left for college. But since I’m back now my parent’s asked Mark and I if we would stay with them for the week and help get them to all their activities, and let me tell you, they are busy girls and have LOTS of activities!

Although the week didn’t start off so great, me and Rachel don’t always get along mostly because we are so much a like and both so stubborn, but the week got much better and I had a great time with them! It’s still crazy to me that Taylor is a sophomore in high school and Courtney is the big man on her middle school campus! When I left to go to school they were these tiny little girls with chubby cheeks!
They amaze me every day with how smart and funny and talented they are. I love being home and being able to go to their soccer games and orchestra concerts and go running with them (yes, the other night all 4 of us went running together!)
I love these gorgeous, smart, witty, sassy and some times pains in my butt, girls!


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