Turkey and Trees

Since my last post some big things have happened. The first big event was Thanksgiving! This year we decided to go down to Southern California to visit my grandparents. I haven’t been there for Thanksgiving since my Sophomore year of college so it was great to go down with Mark and my family and see my Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts and cousins, some of who met Mark for the first time this trip! Funny story, the night before we were suppose to head down to SoCal we went over to our new place to finish painting and as I was walking to our front door I realized my car was still on. I thought to myself, “whoa, dumb blonde moment” but then I looked in my hand and I was holding my keys?! My engine was running even though my car was in park and I pulled the keys out of the ignition! How crazy is that? It just wouldn’t turn off! I called the VW service center and they had no idea what to tell me so they asked me to get in my car and drive it over immediately (lucky it was about 5 minutes up the road.) They ended up giving me a loaner car and let me drive it down to SoCal! No miles added to our cars 🙂 After about 4 or 5 days I got to pick up my car, they replaced the relays (I thought that was a track and field event..) and said it was good to go. Keeping our fingers crossed it was just a freak thing and nothing else will happen!
Anyway, Thanksgiving was really fun, except for the 8 hours that it took to drive there with all the traffic!
When we got back we got a Uhal and with the help of our wonderful in-laws we were able to get everything moved over in under a couple of hours!
Since then we have been spending all our spare time trying to convert this condo into a home. The first priority on our list was a Christmas Tree, of course 🙂 We have also been working hard to get our pictures hung, things organized and boxes in the trash! It’s coming together and I think is looking pretty good.

Grandpa and Mom cooking Thanksgiving dinner
Mark and Grandpa napping after all that Turkey

Scott and Dani, Paige, Emma, and Colton came to visit! (Yes, that is my little sister-in-law in front of me, not a niece!)

Getting our very first Christmas Tree!

Cute Mark touching up the paint

Collage wall in the living room with my Europe pictures
Needless to say Mark never wants to hang another frame ever again!

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