It’s a wrap!

I love New Years because it is the perfect time to look back and reflect on all the past year brought. Mark and I did a little reminiscing on our drive to and from Pasadena for the Rose parade/bowl game (more on that later).
2012 was definitely one we will never forget. So much happened and we are extremely grateful. Last year I did a year in review via pictures (see here) and really enjoyed it, so I decided I would continue the tradition.

Here is what 2012 looked like for us.

January-Went tot the Kraft Hunger Bowl with my Parents.
February-Took Mark to a BYU game
March-Celebrated our 23rd birthdays by building a fort and watching movies

April-Went to D.C. with my family
May-Highlight of our year was our trip to Europe. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for a loving husband who helps me fulfill my dreams. I had the time of my life and wouldn’t trade that experience with Mark for anything.
June-Came “home” to California!
July-Sister time at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I also got a new job and car!
August-Celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Monterey 
Although this was hands down the worst experience of my life, my trip to the hospital with Staph infection has shown me how extremely grateful I am for my health and life. You take it for granted until all your organs are failing and you can’t take a breath.
September-Cal football game with Mark and my sisters
October-Taylor went to Homecoming and let me come over and do her hair/makeup. Every big sisters dream!
In October we also began making some really great friends at church. We are grateful for the people God puts in our lives 🙂
November-I had the privilege of going to one of my best friends’ wedding! Congratulations Melissa and Lynn!
Our biggest moment of the year was when we bought our little condo! Home sweet home!

December-we bought our first Christmas Tree! We loved spending the holidays with our family and not having to fly or drive 12 hours! We could get use to this!

4 thoughts on “It’s a wrap!

  1. You and Mark have such a fun life! Love this! I also secretly love that we now have that TV so our lives overlap a little … weird? It's okay we always knew I was a creeper! Have a great 2013!!!

  2. I love that too! we should make a family tree chart on the back of the tv starting with grandma bev and then put all of us on it! That little tree brought us closer 🙂 hahah When can our lives merge a little bit? Come to San Francisco asap!

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