Back in my day…

Every so often the song “How to Save a Life” by The Fray comes on the radio and takes me back to my high school days. I was obsessed with The Fray! It came on the radio today and suddenly I found myself sitting in my Algebra II class sophomore year listening to the song while working on my homework. I realized that at that time I was listening to it on…a CD player! I felt like an old lady thinking “back in my day we didn’t have fancy smart phones with music built in, we had to carry around portable CD players in our backpacks.” I got my first iPod for Christmas my Sophomore year and thought I was so cool! It was the original iPod with the click wheel. ipod_4g
Then in college I got my first cell phone, no it wasn’t a smart phone (fun fact: the first IPhone came out my senior year of high school). I remember complaining that I had to carry my phone and my ipod with me every where I went! So inconvenient.
I got my first iPhone, the 4s, last year after we moved back to the Bay Area. I’m always a little late on the technology trends.
This post really has no point, but it made me laugh to think back on my days of CD’s.


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