A trial on a Friday

Today I had one of the biggest trials of my life so far (I say one of…I’ve been very blessed to fortunately not have had to experience too many hard trials.) But today was hard. All I can say is I’m glad it’s Friday. Very quickly I’ll explain, I’ve been interviewing for a position I REALLY wanted, I have never wanted a job like I did this one. It was too good to be true, obviously. It was at a large corporate office about 10 minutes away from my house and the position (pretty much a dream position) is right up my ally and would allow me to use my degree! I had a phone interview and 3 in person interviews and I felt like I had it in the bag. The interviews went great (except for the phone interview, but does anyone ever think their phone interview goes well?) After a three week process I found out today that I didn’t get the job. I felt like my whole world came crashing down. I had my hopes really high and felt like this was what I went to college for and this would steer me in the direction I wanted my career to go. I felt like I had a purpose again.

It was a good experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to even get an interview, but I am pretty bummed to say the least.

I know things always work out and something better always comes along, but I’m having a hard time seeing that…I guess I’ll find out someday.

I’m so grateful for the support of my wonderful family and friends who have helped me through today. (Work wasn’t super productive today because I had to keep running to the bathroom to let out a few good cries.) I’m especially grateful for my loving, caring, supportive and understanding husband. He knows how much I wanted this and I know his heart hurts for me too.


the haps

Here’s what’s been going on lately:

My dad took us all (me, Mark, Taylor, Courtney and our mom) to the BYU vs. Stanford basketball game. Before the game we went to dinner at the Stanford shopping center where we spotted our first Christmas tree of the season! Of course we had to take some pictures in front of it!photo 1


I did a little crafting with my cute friend Steph. We painted a few pine cones, but mostly chatted, it was wonderful! (the pine cones don’t look so great in the picture but they are darling in person. I love them!)

gold spray painted pine cones
  • glittered tips

And of course Mark cuddled with Leo. Doesn’t Leo look like he just loves it?! (Sorry instagram followers, I know you already get too much of Leo on there and now on my blog too. I just can’t help it!)photo 5

Also, earlier this year when Leo was a very mischievous kitten, he swatted my beloved Chi hair straightener off the counter and one of the plates broke off and was hanging by the wire! I could have died in that moment, for those of you who haven’t seen my hair dry naturally or with a blow dryer, I look like I have a lions mane, it’s out of control (i.e.- one time in college a huge group of us went to my grandma’s house in Draper for conference weekend. I fell asleep with my hair wet in a towel on my head. When I woke up in the morning my hair was pretty much an afro, *Melissa & Glenna-why didn’t we take a picture of it?!)  Anyways, after pulling myself together I grabbed my straightener and the gorilla glue and went to town. It worked, but just for a few months, yesterday my trusty companion officially died on me. So I had to run to Ulta after work to get a new one. It was an inner struggle for me. I don’t know why, it is the exact same brand, same color, same everything. But a part of me felt like my hair will never be in control again.

However, I am happy to say that after using my new straightener today, my hair looks the same. Life goes on. RIP trusty straightener that I’ve had since my senior year of high school. We’ve been through some good times and some bad times together, and definitely some bad hair colors.

Happy 50th Dad!

photo 4

My dad hit the big 5-0 on November 8th. My mom had been trying to think of something great to do for at least a year now! AND after all that brainstorming and planning, it is safe to say it was a success!

On his actual birthday my mom took him up the coast toward Bodega Bay/Jenner. They went to the Charley Brown museum in Santa Rosa, my dad introduced all of us to Charley Brown when we were little, we always watch the holiday episodes.

My mom also threw my dad a surprise party this past weekend! She did a great job and tried her hardest to hide it from him, but my dad is pretty sneaky and knew something was going on. We threw it at my clubhouse, it was the first useful thing about paying HOA fees… So many of his friends came and I know he really enjoyed seeing everyone. My mom had Chipotle cater it, which was awesome! She hired a dealer for a Texas Holdem Tournament, the dealer wasn’t very good (Mark told me she was stinky and she probably lives out of her car, sad!) but everyone had a blast playing nonetheless.

texas holdemtexas holdem 2

It was a great party! It was fun to be able to be there, I’m so grateful for all my parents friends and the support they have provided each other, I know raising us 4 girls isn’t easy 🙂

photo 2

Good work Mom, your party was a hit! And happy birthday Dad! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and know that we love you so much! You are the best!

Shout out to Chipotle, such an easy catering experience! It was great!
how cute are they?!

photo 1    photo 5