apple pie

I made a pie for our Thanksgiving dinner that I am pretty proud of!

My last semester of college I needed to fill some elective credits so my friend Melissa (meet her here) & I decided to take a homemaking class which consisted of cooking, sewing and interior design. In the cooking portion we learned how to make a killer pie crust. It turns out beautifully golden and buttery and flaky.  So I used this skill (thank you college) to make an apple pie and impress the Warrens.

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Here’s the crust recipe:
Yields 2-3 shells

3 cups All-purpose flour

1 T   Sugar

1 t.   Salt

1/2t.  Baking powder

1 T    Nonfat Dry Milk Powder

1/4   cup Butter

1/3   cut Shortening

1/2   cup cold Water (may need up to 1 T more)

Measure all dry ingredients in a medium bowl and stir together. Cut fats in to the dry ingredients until pieces are the size of small peas. Mix together with a fork or lightly with your hands.

Next, add the water to help hold it together. This is important: Do not add too much liquid. You want just enough so you can hold it together. But not too much that it’s sticky. It should feel about like play dough.
Now that the dough is mixed, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface. There will be some unincorporated dry bits — that’s totally okay.
You’ll want to gently press the dough together. Don’t knead it like you would bread dough or biscuit dough. A few presses is all that is needed. Repeat to yourself: gentle, gentle, gentle.
Divide the dough into halves. Wrap each half in plastic wrap. You can freeze it for later, or chill it in the fridge for about an hour until you’re ready to roll out your crust.

I also really liked this site for tips and tricks with crust.


Happy Thanksgiving & Welcome Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a really nice, relaxing Thanksgiving and I’m sad it’s over. We spent our Thanksgiving with the Warrens, the attendees included of course Brand & LuAnn, Matt & Sarah and their girls Sophia, Lizzy and Cora, Aunt Charlene & Uncle Ted, Cousin Melissa and her girls Maddie & Eva, Grandma Warren and our friends Brad & Stephanie and their cute girl Ruby! We were so excited that they joined us! I’m very grateful for their friendship. We ate lots of yummy food, LuAnn smoked her turkey which added great flavor! We had lots of pie, played charades and did a thankful circle where everyone said what they are thankful for. That is always hard to put into words and keep short, Mark was very insistent that everyone kept it under 45 seconds.

On our way home from dinner Mark wanted to stop by Target to check out their Black Friday. So Matt joined with us and we headed to Target. The line was wrapped all the way around the building but we (read Mark & Matt) decided it wouldn’t take too long and wanted to get in line. I was just grateful that we weren’t in Utah waiting in the cold like we did 2 years ago! I would like to publicly state that I hate Black Friday. There, I said it, I’m officially turning into an old maid. I think it’s great if you have something specific that you want that is on sale but we never do. So we end up wandering around the crowded store (I do not do well with crowds, I get a little anxious and grumpy really quick). We did score some good dvds & bluerays for $4! Which also made for a fun 4 day weekend watching movies!

Mark and I slept in and lounged around. We watched lots of movies, including our new Monsters University and Home Alone. Mark built fires so we could be extra cozy during our movies. We also cleaned the house which always feels great. Got our Christmas tree and decorated for Christmas! It was such a wonderful long weekend. Exactly what I needed. I can’t remember the last time we had that much time off to just sit at home and not have anything to do. We laughed all weekend and had a great time together. I’m now anxiously looking forward to a few days off at Christmas!photo 1I’m so grateful for my very loving husband who fills my life with laughter and love. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive family who care so much about us. I’m grateful to own a little condo. I’m grateful to live in California where it’s still 70 degrees outside (we had In-n-out this weekend and ate outside, by the time we were finished we were starting to sweat!) I’m grateful for the beautiful life I have and all the many privileges we have in this country. I am so grateful for my Savior and that he knows me personally and that He knows what I need and directs my path in ways that I couldn’t see by myself.

photo 2
Leo has claimed the top of the chair so he can sit as close as possible to the tree