Family Motto

I’ve never really been the type that makes New years resolutions (or even written goals for myself.) I know it’s weird and maybe makes me look lazy. I don’t know what it is about my personality but it simply isn’t me. I think it’s great and really admire those who make resolutions and stick to them!  I’ve been feeling like I need something to motivate me this year.

In college I wrote motto’s for myself a couple of years and one in particular got me through a really tough semester. So I thought that it would be fun for me and Mark to write a family motto! We sat down and tried to think of something that would inspire us to be better this year. It was fun listening to things that inspire Mark and being able to share weaknesses that we want to work on. We couldn’t think of just one so we have two motto’s for 2014. We are going to make this a family tradition!

I’m excited to wake up each morning (I’m not actually excited to wake up in the morning, I am NOT a morning person. Mark describes trying to wake me up in the morning for work as WWIII), read our motto’s on our mirror and start my day off with a smile!

Warren Family motto for 2014:



These two are just quotes I really like:




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