My valentine

Can you believe this is the 7th valentines day Mark and I have celebrated together?! Actually I can’t believe it, did I do the math wrong?

Our love has really changed and evolved over the years. We’ve come a long way from our first valentines day when Mark told me he was going home for the weekend and then surprised me that night at my door to take me out to dinner. And I can never forget when he tbought it would be funny to tell the waitress at Olive Garden that I was his sister…and then he nevet told her that he was joking, so it was awkward the rest of the night. He’s matured a lot since then!

I love holidays and Valentines day is obviously included. A whole day dedicated to love and the people you love! We had a really chill valentines this year which was nice. We’ve been so busy and running around lately. We got home from work and Mark was trying to think of somewhere to go for dinner but nothing was really sounding that good and I didn’t feel like getting dressed up and waiting for a table so we opted for something much more casual…Habit burger! I love Habit burger!!! Their teriyaki pineapple is to die for! we even took it to go and ate in the comfort of our own home hahah. I can’t remember if we watched the olympics or a movie…but then we went to get Kamba juice and called it a night! We went to breakfast at the yummy Denicas and spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. 

It was the perfect weekend. Most of the time I love getting dolled up and going out but sometimes it’s better to relax with your love. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day full of love!


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