Bumpdate: Week 20

How Far Along: 20 weeks 4 days

Weight Gain: I’ve started to gain some weight, I think it’s been about 6-7 pounds, we’ll find out at my next appointment in a week and a half.

Maternity Clothes: I finally bought a belly band from Target and it is amazing! I have so many clothes I can wear now because of it. I think it’s something I’ll wear for the rest of my life, especially thanksgiving! I mean come on, I can leave my pants unbuttoned and no one knows!

Sleep: One night this week I was screaming at the top of my lungs in my sleep and freaked Mark out. I think it was a combination for being exhausted after spending a whole day in the city with my college roommate Glenna and her husband Ioua, and I’ve been having nightmares…sorry Mark!

Best Moment This Week: Easily it was finding out our baby is a BOY! I’ve felt like it was a boy the whole time, maybe because I’ve been craving savory salty foods when I usually like sweets or maybe it was my first mothers intuition! Whatever it was, we are so excited! I think Mark was in shock. It was so incredible and amazing seeing our baby on the ultrasound. He was such a wiggle worm and did not stop moving the entire time, perhaps the reason I’m so sick all the time? The tech was having a hard time getting good clear pictures. I think we are going to have a very active boy on our hands!

Weird Pregnancy Moment: The bump literally grew over night. One morning I woke up and Mark looked at my stomach and said “woah! You really look pregnant!”

Movement: I have been feeling the baby move for about a week and a half now. It is the weirdest thing. It’s still pretty subtle and feels like ripples in my stomach. But it is starting to feel much more real now that I can feel him moving around. I’m not going to lie though, it kind of weirds me out and I feel like its an alien sometimes.

Food Cravings: Mexican food

What I’m Looking Forward To: To start decorating baby boys’ room and really start thinking of names now that we only have one gender to think of.


I know these pictures are a little creepy but…it’s my baby so obviously I think it’s cute. It looks like he’s smiling!

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