A breath of gratitude

It seems like I’ve been running around, traveling, and just been busy. I’m starting to stress over wanting to have the nursery done and have everything I need for the baby. But sometimes I take a breath and realize how great life is. I feel so blessed. I have a wonderful family who loves me and is so excited for baby Warren, he is going to be a very spoiled little boy ☺️ And Ian so blessed to have Mark who works so hard at his job and then comes home and helps me make dinner and do the dishes and clean the house. I have to brag and say this weekend he spent three days deep cleaning our bathroom! (Which is my least favorite job and not to mention it is really hard for me to get down and scrub the shower floors and corners right now.) I really do think I have the best husband, or at least the best one for me! He is a gem and I think I’ll hang on to him 😉

I know the nursery will eventually get done and I’m sure September will be crazy trying to get every last thing we need to welcome this baby, but until then, I’m grateful for the quiet moments when my eyes open and I see how wonderful this life is. 


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