Bumpdate: 31 weeks

We’re reaching the end of 31 weeks over here and it seems like the morning sickness has come back. Thankfully it is not nearly as bad as it was the first 20 weeks so I will take it! But I have thrown up at work twice now, which is incredibly embarrassing, especially when my co-worker could hear me in the bathroom and I got vomit on my shirt! The beauty of pregnancy 😉 It’s also been really hot and the nights were not cooling down at all so I have not been sleeping well. 

on top of this I haven’t been feeling too well the past couple of days and was nervous that I was getting a UTI, my long lost friend! So I decided to stop in at my Drs. office this morning on my way to work, just to check. I’d rather be safe than sorry, especially with the weekend coming up and especially because UTIs can be a real problem during pregnancy and can lead to kidney infections and early labor…and I would like to stay far away from that! This baby still has two more months to cook! 

Turns out it was a good decision to go in and I do have a UTI, yay…now I get to start a prescription, hopefully it takes care of the issue soon!

Well, on my way home from a rough day, the thought came to me that despite all the sickness and rough things that have come with my pregnancy, I’m so blessed and grateful for this opportunity and privilege to become a mother to this sweet baby boy. I’m so thankful to my Heavenly Father for trusting me with this precious spirit. I’m also so thankful to Mark for trusting me to raise his son and starting a family with me, despite being nervous/scared about the responsibilities ahead and the change this baby will bring to our lives. 


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