4 AM

As much as I wish Mason slept all the way through the night, our 4am feedings are a special quiet time where I get to stare at his sweet sleepy face and rub his velvety soft feet and tell him I love him as many times as I can before he’s done eating. I live for him holding my finger while he eats and nestling his fuzzy head under my chin when I burp him. image

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude that he joined our family. I feel like I’ve known his face forever.


2 thoughts on “4 AM

  1. I love seeing pictures of babies crossing their legs or wiggling their toes when they breast feed. Makes me so happy! Can’t wait to have my baby girl here so I can know what you mean!

  2. if i was still lactating, this post and picture would have made me let down! those little feet on the boppy and nursing talk. ack! cute cover btw.

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