Mason’s 1st Christmas

Obviously Mason is too young to understand what Christmas or even presents are this year, but having a baby in the house made Christmas so magical. I can’t even imagine how much fun it will be next year when he can tear wrapping paper off presents and play with toys and then his excitement and understanding in the following years.

We had a great time with both of our families (we really hit the jackpot in the family department.) Both are so understanding of our need and desire to spend time with both families and it’s really nice that we never feel any pressure from anyone. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and this year when we read the Nativity story from the Bible, we had a real baby boy to play Jesus! That was a first for my family! Then my sisters & Mason opened pjs and Mark & I opened the game Lagretto (our new tradition for married couples is games instead of pjs.) Then my mom read a Christmas book and we all went to look at Christmas lights.

Christmas morning we went over to my parents house bright and early to open gifts and Skype with Rachel, who comes home from her mission in Spain in about 3 weeks! Then we went to Mark’s parents’ house and opened more gifts and had a very nice Christmas dinner.

We were very spoiled by our families, especially Mason 😉 I’m writing this post on my new Chromebook that Mark & my parents gave me for Christmas! I no longer have to wait for Mark to get home from work to borrow his computer!! We had a wonderful Christmas and are so grateful for our families and especially grateful for how much our families love our baby Mason. *Side note-all our darling nieces call Mason ‘Baby Mason’ it’s so cute. He will probably 10 years old and they will still call him Baby Mason, it has a nice ring to it 🙂

This Christmas I was able to understand Mary and Christ a little deeper because of the love I have for my son. He has taught me what Christ-like love is. I am so grateful for my Savior and for the comfort, love and understanding.  I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Mark gave me this beautiful bar necklace that has Mason’s birth date on it
grandma reading
Grandma reading Mason a Christmas book 🙂

mason giftmanger  bow nosesisters me & mason grandpasleeping familydad & mason  stocking family christmas


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