A bad mom day

It’s only noon and I have already thought to myself more than once that today is a “bad day.”

Our cat woke up Mason this morning before he was ready to get up, so he woke up a little grumpy and I did as well. Oh well.

A couple of hours later I go to put mason down for a nap in his crib which is always a struggle. He fussed for 10-15 minutes but then fell asleep! Awesome! I jumped in the shower (but didn’t wash my hair), got out, and decided to put on workout clothes because today I was going to do some workouts in my living room while the baby napped! As soon as I got dressed Madon woke up. He only slept for 30 minutes, ugh come on! So I pick him up out of his crib and rock him a little and he falls back to sleep no problem. I lay him back down and head for the door and he is wide awake crying! I repeat this cycle 3 more times (each time letting him cry for 5-10 minutes) until I decide it’s no use.

So out to the living room we go. I turn on the tv and put Mason in his swing and do a few workouts until Mason decides he’s done in the swing. At this point he’s super tired and rubbing his eyes. So I feed him and try to lay him down on my bed. Repeat the process from earlier of trying to get him to nap: Unsuccessful. The whole time I’m getting more frustrated because I can’t get my baby to take a nap and I have things I want to do! I already feel like a failure of a wife constantly because I rarely have a full, thoughtout dinner prepared when Mark gets home from work. The house is always a mess. (Mark spent his entire Saturday deep cleaning the house, which I was extremely grateful for but felt bad because I should be doing that, not him.)

But then Mason fell asleep on my shoulder. At first I was annoyed because that’s the only place he will nap unless we go on a long car ride. I thought about trying to lay him down again until a feeling came over me that I needed to just sit down and enjoy the moment. My workout could wait (although my squishy body would disagree), the house work could be done later and Mark will still love me when he gets home despite all the things I didn’t get done. Because he knows I love our baby more than all those other things.

I hope someday I will be able to get Mason to be a better napper but today I will hold him while he sleeps on my shoulder.


One thought on “A bad mom day

  1. Girl I feel ya. Sleeping is hard at our house too and it’s so frustrating! Last night I woke up ioua crying because I couldn’t get her to sleep after I fed her. He jumped up and took her because he is way more patient then I am always and I totally feel like a failure. I always feel bad that he ends up doing the laundry and picking up groceries. But what you said is exactly right and I’m going to write it on my forehead. Our hubby’s will love us when they come home because we are loving our babies and that’s what matters. Hold your baby boy and love all over him because he is the freakin cutest. Love you!

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