4 months

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Mason, you have grown and developed so much over past two weeks, it’s truly amazing! Your dad often asks me how I entertain you all day, but really you entertain me! You give me the best smiles and giggles, I can’t wait for that first big belly laugh.

You are such a momma’s boy right now and secretly I love it! Although sometimes I feel a little bad for your dad, but his time will come when you just want to hang out with him.  You’ve reached some really big milestones the past couple of weeks. You can now grab and hold things. You love to hold the toy on your car seat and look for it when we put you in the stroller, it’s the cutest thing, so we put it on your stroller when we go for walks. You hold your feet now when I change your diaper and it’s so cute! You’re really strong and try to sit up constantly. Whenever you are laying on your back, you pull your head up and prop yourself up on your elbows. I haven’t been very good at doing tummy time, partly because you don’t like it and also because you have really good control of your head, your neck is really strong. But last week we decided to do tummy time one evening to see if you were close to thinking about rolling over, and then you went and rolled over! We were shocked! You did it a few more times (tummy to back). You aren’t the most graceful, you kind of flop over to your back but it’s still really impressive! You looked at us like it was no big deal. Then the next day you rolled onto your tummy from your back and we haven’t been able to stop you since! It’s actually become a problem, you roll over in your sleep at night and wake yourself up! You’ve also decided that you no longer want to be swaddled and it about broke my heart. We still use the “swaddle me” to swaddle your legs but we keep your arms out.  You are no longer a newborn anymore, you are an infant! Stop growing up! We stayed with aunt Courtney at grandma & grandpas house while they were picking up aunt Rachel from her mission and you had a sleep regression. I don’t know if it was because you weren’t in your own bed or because you didn’t want to be swaddled anymore or if it was just bound to happen because of your age, but we’ve been trying to get you back into your routine. You’ve done a lot better since we stopped swaddling your arms and last night you finally slept through the night again!

Something clicked for us the past week or so and you finally will take naps in your crib! You usually take three naps a day for about 45 minutes each. They aren’t as long as they should be but hey, it’s progress!

You’ve gotten much better in the car and running errands with me. I don’t dread it like I used to. You usually either sleep in your car seat on the stroller or I carry you on the baby bjourn, you like to face forward so you can see what’s going on. But I think you are a home body like your mom. Our best days are the days we don’t have to go anywhere and can just relax at home together.

You love to suck your thumb and chew on your fingers. You haven’t quite figured out to close your fist while you suck your thumb so your fingers often poke your eyes or get stuck in your nose.

You love to make noise and blow bubbles. We love “chatting” with you, you have a lot to say. You don’t like to perform. You never want to smile when we are at someone else’s home, you like to save the smiles for me and dad. Sometimes it bugs me because I want to show you off but I also love that you love us so much.

You are a fast eater, and I mean fast, like you are done within 5-8 minutes! You like to rub your fuzzy head while you eat, it’s so funny. You also like to hold our faces. You always go for my eyes and dad’s nose.

You like to play in the exersaucer and you really like “Baby Einsteins” that aunt Lauren gave you for Christmas. I especially like Baby Einsteins because it keeps you entertained while I shower! *mom of the year award for me

You love to dance with us at night before bedtime. Some of our favorite songs to dance to are “Sugar” by Maroon 5 and “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

We give you a foot rub before bed each night and you really love it!

One of the funniest things to me and your dad is, almost every day someone says “oh what a  cute baby! He has the most perfectly round head!” I didn’t even know that was a thing but people comment on it ALL. THE. TIME! It cracks us up.

You are such a good baby and at such a fun stage. You learn something new every day and we love watching you.

4 month wellness check:

15lbs 3oz (43%) and 26.5″ (94%)

You are going to be a tall boy 🙂

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