5 months

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Time just seems to be flying by! I really cannot believe you have been in our family for 5 months already, time needs to slow down! You seem to learn something new everyday, it’s unbelievable! You always want to have your toes in your mouth and I think it is the cutest thing ever.

photo 3 (3)You just realized that you can grab the toys hanging on your play mat with your feet and think that’s pretty cool. You’ve also learned to sit up just in the past week. The first time you sat on your own for longer than a second was when we were skyping with Jana & Janie and you sat up and tried to reach for the ipad to eat Janie. Sometimes you look like a little gorilla when you sit up because you put your arms out in front of your feet or out to the sides on the ground. You also get distracted very easily and fall over when you try to reach for something.

This month has been both the hardest and the most fun month. You got a really bad cold that completely messed up your good sleeping at night and you were up every 2 hours, that was hard on me. I knew the dr. wouldn’t/couldn’t do anything for you but I thought it was best to take you in just in case. I was right though, you just had to wait for it to pass. It was a hard week and I felt so bad for you, especially when you would get coughing attacks and choke. Not fun!

You love to dance at night before bedtime with us, we look forward to it every evening. Your favorite songs are “U Can’t Touch This” and “Uptown Funk”. You also love when we sing to you, especially when I sing “Thinking Out Loud.”

You love to growl and love when I growl back at you.You make an “ahh” sound every time we change your diaper and it kills us! You want to touch and hold everything I’m holding, you are very curious. You can have 100 toys but always want the tv remote. You have started dive bombing in the direction of something you want. I have to hold on super tight when I hold you now. You are so busy now, I can’t even imagine how busy you will be once you start crawling. ¬†You still are very serious and observant when we go anywhere. People think I photoshop your pictures because you never smile unless we are at home. We finally got the bathtub fixed and you can now take baths in your bumbo in the bathtub and you seem to like it!

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You like going to the grocery store with me because I wear you in the baby bjuorn and you get to help me push the cart and you swipe things off the shelves. People get such a kick out of you kicking your feet and flapping your arms while we shop. You loveeee “Baby Einsteins” and we think its so boring. You are a pretty big baby, all your aunts think you are ginormous! You just recently started wearing 3-6 month clothes but now you are already getting too big for them so I pulled out your 6-9 month clothes for you. You’ve recently noticed Leo (our cat) more and like to watch him, he’s still terrified of you though.

photo 3 (4)You love to wear your sun glasses and will leave them on for hours.

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Dad had to go to Hawaii for work for a whole week and he missed you so much. I got to spend my birthday with you and you are the best little pal I could ask for. You are so patient with me. I like to think you try to give me kisses but you are probably just trying to eat me. Sometimes after you are done eating you like to sit on my lap and snuggle your face into my neck and suck your thumb and we just sit and rock for a few minutes. You bring so much joy and love to our lives. I feel so blessed that I get to stay home with you every day and watch you progress and gain such a strong bond with you.

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