Some thoughts on a Monday


Is it awful if I admit that this stage is my favorite so far? 6 months is probably as close to perfect as it could get & I wish I could freeze time right now. Mason’s such a good sleeper again (hallelujah 🙌) taking great naps and sleeping through the night! He’s so energetic and playful and his little personality reveals itself a little more each day. He squeals with joy when we take him on the swing at the park. He’s easy to take places. He likes his routine. And he’s so excited when he sees us. It’s so fun to be his favorite people. And oh, the giggles he gives me when I tickle his baby chub and hold him upside down. And those soft, squishy cheeks, I could smooch ’em all day! And I do! One of my favorite things that he does is when he’s getting sleepy he grabs both sides of my head at the root of my hair and tries to give me open mouth slobers? Kisses? I don’t really know what he’s doing but it’s hilarious and I love it. I don’t love, however, when he wants to wrap my hair around his thumb and suck on it, yuck! He’s on the verge of learning how to crawl and while it’s so exciting and fun to watch him attempt to take on the world (or our living room), it makes me sad because it means he’s growing up and soon won’t be my baby who depends on me for everything. Mom problems.

Also on my mind lately, I’m so grateful for the community that is motherhood. I love having friends that are going through all the same things as me. We get to share our victories and our challenges and help strengthen each other. So thank you to each of you wonderful examples who let me text you daily and ask you questions and share my frustrations and humor me. It’s so nice to talk to someone who gets it and I’m sure Mark appreciates me not having to tell him every little detail like how many loads of laundry I’ve done today or about the nap Mason took😜


6 months

photo 5Happy half birthday baby boy! I just cannot believe you are already 6 months old, it seems like you were born just last month. There are times when I look at you or think about you when you are asleep and feel like my heart is going to explode, I have so much love for you.

 photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)

You are at such a fun stage where you are discovering the world and everything around you. Your newest favorite thing to do is grab our cups out of our hands and put your mouth on it like you are taking a drink, it is hilarious and gets me every time. Everything now goes directly to your mouth. You are really noisy now and are figuring out all the sounds you can make, which lately has been lots of different types of whines as well as a horrible noise where you suck in the air, it drives me crazy. We love to listen to you jabber, sometimes you will just lay in your crib holding your toes and chat to yourself in the morning or after naps, its adorable. You have become really wiggly and active over the past couple of weeks and your reaction is getting much faster. You are getting really good at sitting and like it, unless you feel like standing, which you usually do haha. You know your name and respond to it. You get so excited when dad or I walk into a room and kick your feet like crazy.

You went on your first road trip a couple weeks ago, all the way to Arizona! You did so good! I was a little really worried about how you would do on the drive but you exceeded all my hopes. We planned the drive times around your naps which was perfect. We stopped in LA to spend the night at Grandpa Bob & Grandma Daisy’s house. It was so nice to see them and I wish we could have spent another day or two with them. I think it was the ideal time to go on a road trip because you aren’t mobile yet but you can be entertained. And speaking of entertainment, thank heavens for Baby Einstein! If you weren’t sleeping or were tired of looking at books and playing with toys I would turn on Baby Eintsteins and you were content for another hour!

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You went swimming in the pool for the first time while in Arizona with Janie and you loved it! You kicked your feet the whole time.

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You also got to meet Ruby and Jude & Stephanie and Brad, our friends who used to live here who we love so much. Thank you for being such gracious hosts Hunter family, we miss you already. And a special thank you to Ruby for all the pictures you drew for “baby Mason” and thank you Jude for giving us your room.

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We got to see lots of family while we were there, which was nice. We went to Arizona for Mark’s grandfather’s (Grandpa Marlow Taylor) funeral. It was a lovely service and we will miss Grandpa Taylor.

We also went to the Grand Canyon with Logan, Jana & Janie while in Arizona. The Grand Canyon itself was a lot of work with two babies but we had the best day since we got to spend it with the Hancocks! Thanks for being so patient with us and up for any adventure Jana & Logan. We love you guys and your adorable, happy, beautiful Janie.

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Thanks to our road trip, you now are a great napper! You take 2, 2 hour naps daily and it has changed my life! I now have time to eat breakfast, shower, clean the house, read a book, prep for dinner and watch tv! You are becoming more social and smile at family and friends and even strangers!  You are tickle-ish, especially on the sides of your belly and your thighs, I can get a pretty good laugh out of you and I love it! You love watching Leo (our cat) and want to grab him, which he is still terrified of. I think when you finally crawl it will be to chase Leo haha. You love to eat, we started giving you rice cereal but it made you constipated but you had your first “solids” tonight, peas, and you loved it! I think you are going to be a good eater. You are SO patient with me and let me put all sorts of accessories on you like your sunnies, hats and bunny ears (being Easter and all).

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You had your 6 month well check today and you are doing great! Reaching all the mile stones you should be and you’re working on getting your bottom front teeth in, although the dr says it still could be another month or two before they come out, which is fine with me! You are going to be tall and thin, like your dad! Your dr asked me again today, “How tall is his dad?”

6 month stats:

17lbs 4oz (45%) and 27.5″ (86%)photo 3

photo 4