My 1st Mother’s Day

IMG_4479 This past Sunday was my first Mother’s Day and it was so great. Mark took me out to dinner at Black Angus and then to the movies on Friday night! We saw the Age of Adeline. It was the first time since Mason that we have gone to dinner and a movie! It was big! My sister Courtney watched Mason for us and she did such a great job. I wasn’t nervous at all to leave him with her for the 4 hours we were gone. She is the first person, besides me & Mark, to put Mason to bed. Thank you Court! Mark also got me junior mints for the movie, accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sappy card that hit straight to the heart and brought one or two tears, my favorite! He sure knows how to write them.

On Sunday we all woke up late but some how made it to church early and got a bench! Score! During the second hour I took Mason to the mother’s lounge to feed him and he fell asleep right after. He was out cold. It was the best because I could smooch his chubby cheeks & squishy lips and snuggle him all I wanted. All I could think about all day was how infinitely better life is with Mason in it. He makes us laugh every day. He loves us unconditionally. I always knew I wanted to be a mom but this, with him as my baby, is better than I ever imagined it could be.

After church we went to visit Mark’s grandma, skyped his parents in Hawaii and then went to my parents house for some bbq’d burgers by my dad. It was a great day spent with the people I love.

So thank you to Mark for allowing me to be a mom and giving me the sweetest, funniest, most handsome baby. And thank you to Mason for making me a mom and loving me the way you do.IMG_4472 IMG_4475IMG_4480 IMG_4483 IMG_4487 IMG_4488


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