Little Boy

We are in a phase, or habit (it’s hard to tell the difference with babies) where we go in Mason’s room between 10-10:30 pm to feed him one more time before we go to bed, just to help keep his tummy full so we can all sleep until 8:00 am 🙂 I say we because Mark & I both love to peak in on him sleeping so peacefully. Mark picks him up so gently from his crib and gets some snuggles before Mason realizes that it’s not mom and he just wants to eat and go back to bed. Then Mark hands him over to me and we sit in the dark and I get my snuggle time. I love watching him (once my eyes adjust), refusing to open his eyes. His little wandering hands rub my face, sometimes not so gently, and search for my hair to twist around his chubby fingers. And then when he’s full he lays his head on my shoulder, sucks his thumb and we just rock and snuggle, usually until I can tell he just wants to be back in his crib, because honestly I would probably sit like that all night and cuddle that sweet, soft, squishy little boy. But tonight ended differently. He was all snuggles and thumb sucking until he arched his back quickly and let out a big toot! I was dying! I honestly thought I was going to wake him up from trying to suppress my laughter! So I had to put him back in his crib and get out of his room so I could let my laughter out. He’s such a boy. And I love it. I’m sure in a couple years the toots will not be quite as funny, but for now, this little boy can do no wrong. IMG_4537


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