Mason on strike!

image image image image imageWhenever Mason switches up our routine or is going through a phase I try to remind myself that it will pass and it won’t be like this forever. But today it’s hard to believe that. He’s been on a napping strike for almost 5 days now but yesterday bs today have by far been the worst. He just lays there and kicks the rails on the crib and whines and blows raspberries…for an hour! Then maybe he might fall asleep for 30 minutes. I don’t know if it’s from teething (I feel like I’ve been claiming teething for months now!) or if this is a common thing at 7 1/2 months but I feel like it’s never going to end! It’s hard to get anything done when I’m trying for an hour to get him to nap. Ugh! Good thing he’s super cute and give me the biggest grins when I walk into him room after he’s been a little stinker!


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