9 months


Look at that fake smile! This little guy is looking more like a toddler than a baby. His a quick crawler now. It seemed like as soon as he figured out how to crawl he wanted to stand and hold on to the furniture too. IMG_5261 IMG_5266

He’s busy getting into everything, especially the fireplace. We had to put zip ties around the handles to keep the glass doors closed so he wouldn’t pinch his fingers. It’s so funny watching him go from standing to sitting because he does it soo slowly and puts one hand down below him to reach for the ground. He looks like a little old man when he does this.


The Warriors won the NBA championship this past month, something that Mark has been waiting for his whole life! So we got him a couple of Warriors shirts for his first Father’s Day!IMG_5029 IMG_5034 IMG_5043 IMG_5054

We went hiking in Yosemite with the Murray’s! I couldn’t believe the beauty of Yosemite! And I also couldn’t believe that Mark & I have lived her almost our entire lives and have never been. We went for the day and planned on doing a nice little 1-2 mile hike to see a waterfall. Well once we made it to the waterfall we decided to go just a little further, which ended up being 5 1/2 more miles, most of which was straight up slick granite steps. I was so impressed with Mark. You would think Mason doesn’t weigh that much and the backpack carrier was very lightweight but it was really tough hiking with him on our backs. It was a really beautiful hike though so in the end it was totally worth it. Thanks Chris & Cambry for coming with us!IMG_5108

We took Mason to the Alameda County Fair thinking that he would enjoy the petting zoo and could go on some of the little rides with us. But he wasn’t into the animals in the least bit, he was much more interested in the saw dust on the ground. And he was too little to go on any rides, even the carousel, the carni’s were very strict! But he did like all the lights on the rides so I guess that was worth it…He got this little firefighter hat from the firemen at the fair.FullSizeRender IMG_5179 IMG_5191

Mason and I took a little road trip to Southern California with my mom and sister Taylor to visit family. We got to spend some quality time with Grandpa Bob & Grandma Daisy, my uncle Dave and cousins Nicole, Matt & Danny. And Mason got to meet my aunt Cassandra, cousins Sam & Jake, and also got to meet my Grandpa Carl & Grandma Kathy and cousin Katie! It was a great visit. We also took Mason to the beach where he face planted in the sand within minutes of getting there. He was digging away in the sand and enjoying it until he must have forgotten to move his arms and went face first. IMG_5219 IMG_5220

We celebrated 4th of July! I’m a cool mom and make my family wear matching shirts 😉 We went to the ward pancake breakfast in the morning that Mark was in charge of and then went to Half Moon Bay with Kyle & Lara Carbine and some of their friends. We sat in a lot of traffic but had a fun time once we got there. We didn’t do any fireworks this year but we did hear them…until about 11:30! Our city is the only one that allows fireworks, which is crazy with the drought we are having. So it sounded like we were in a war zone. But Mason was so exhausted that he slept through all the noise!IMG_5233He’s a busy little boy, getting into everything, like the fireplace. We had to zip tie the fireplace doors so he wouldn’t keep opening them and pinching his fingers. He pulls himself up on all the furniture and is starting to walk along it. He’s learned how to give kisses, it started as just slobbering all over my face but now he will pucker sometimes. He still has no teeth! I did take him to urgent care while we were in L.A. though because he had a fever and I thought he might have an ear infection but they said it was probably just teething…I feel like he’s going to be teething foreverrrrr. He likes to crawl about 10 feet away, then stops and turns around to see if I am watching and then smiles at me and comes crawling back as fast as he can, usually squeaks while he does it and comes and sits on my lap or pulls himself up and lays a wet one on me, literally. It’s so funny. He loves when dad plays peek-a-boo with him at bedtime. He also likes crawling through the tunnels at my parents house, which they have saved since my youngest two sisters were toddlers just for the day they have grandkids! So cute!

9 month stats:

19lbs 1oz (38%) and 29 inches (76%)IMG_5299