11 months

IMG_5843IMG_5838 11 months old? How could this be?! Only one more month until he’s a whole year old? I can’t think about it. A lot has happened this past month. We sold our condo in about 5 days and packed up and moved out in 3 weeks. We have now been in Utah for 2 weeks and have been busy, which makes it feel like we are just visiting. But Mark started his new job yesterday and now it’s starting to set in that we are actually staying.

Mason’s favorite things right now include being chased around the coffee table, playing peek-a-boo under a blanket, opening and closing the door (especially if we are on the other side), eating (but he’s totally over baby food), and playing with his cars for hours and hours, and loves to read books. He has decided that he hates his car seat, the car, his stroller, his high chair, basically anything that confines him. He learned to arch his back when we try to pick him up to stop him from doing something, which is really great… We are living in a zoo of sorts, there are 3 cats (including Leo) and a dog at my grandma’s house and a whole family of deer behind her house and Mason is not interested in any of them. I don’t think Mason will be a vet when he grows up.

He’s been more clingy to me since the move and now wants me to hold him more and doesn’t want to go to anyone else. He’s very aware of where I am all the time now.

His second tooth just broke through the gums, most kids are starting to loose their teeth by kindergarten, but at this rate Mason might finally have all his teeth by then ;).

He sure misses his grandparents (he and I both), but he loves watching all the kids run around the neighborhood here. He brings us more joy and happiness than words will ever express. He is my best little buddy. My smile never leaves my face when he’s around. And he makes everyone around him smile (even if he doesn’t smile back).

Playing peek-a-boo
Reading with dad

IMG_5858 IMG_5829 IMG_5811

Flying to Utah with grandma. Reading is serious business.


Set up with puffs and Baby Einstiens (the lady sleeping in the back with her hair over her face might be the best part)


He liked all the moving boxes


We went to the Oakland Zoo before we left


When your baby is much cooler than you



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