16 months

IMG_7919Mason is as busy as ever but this is such a fun age. He loves to be chased and wants me to chase him around the house all day. He lets me know when he wants to be chased by either turning around and running or he stands there and looks at me with a big toothy grin on his face and slowly backs up. It’s hilarious. Then he squeals with so much excitement as I chase him. He also likes to go hide and wait for me to find him. His usual spots are in his teepee, behind his crib, or in my closet if we are upstairs. Down stairs he hides around the island in the kitchen, behind the desk in the office or sits on the first stair. (We moved into our new house in Highland, UT this month!) He loves to dance and spin around. He loves to wave “hi” & “bye”, usually with his right hand, even if that hand is behind my back when I’m holding him. He goes into his teepee and waves “bye” for me to close it. He just got the hang of clapping (so weird that it took him this long). This whole time he’s been clapping with his hands in fists but now he finally figured out to open his hands to make noise. He watches the movie “Cars” at least once a day. Mark & I have almost every line memorized in order.

His hair is out of control. It’s so long around his ears and the back and he has a crazy long tuft right on the top of his head that stands up. I keep thinking at some point it will lay down flat, but maybe not! Rachel braided it the other day.IMG_7808

He’s a pretty happy, easy going boy. This week he got an ear infection and has been so sad and just wants me to hold him all the time. It’s his first ear infection and really his first time being sick since being about a month old. It’s heart breaking but I’m really enjoying the extra cuddles and him falling asleep on me.IMG_7930

Mason makes our lives so happy and so full of love.


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