hey Chris, it’s your birthday!

Yesterday was our best friend Chris Murray’s birthday! He and Mark have been best friends practically since the day they were born. Chris use to call Mark “Marky Lauren” and Mark called Chris “Chriffafer.” They both have come a long way since then! 
I was privileged to meet Chris pretty much the day I got to Rexburg in the fall of 2007. Mark and Chris were roommates and we became fast friends. Chris has always reminded me of the big brother I never had. He is hands down the most thoughtful and considerate person I have ever met. I remember our first Thanksgiving break I was going down to Utah. I think Mark had already left to go home to Utah and Chris called me just as I was about to get in the car and leave. He showed up in my parking lot with a bag of treats for the drive! Seriously, how thoughtful! 
I just can’t say enough good things about this guy.
Last  night we threw Chris a surprise birthday party at Craigos! We told him that we were going to take him and Rachel on a double date with us. While we picked up Rachel everyone met at Craigos, thanks to Kyle for rounding up the troops! It was a great surprise.
After dinner Mark and Chris had a flag football game so a bunch of us girls went to support Gandolfs’ army (that’s their team name…aka crogermad, that’s all their names put together, chris, logan, eric, mark, chad)
Every time they would score a touchdown or do something cool we would all scream “happy birthday Chris,” I think they were really embarrassed, but it was fun.
Anyways, thanks to all who came for Chris’s birthday.
Love you Chriffafer!
P.S. I know it looks like there were only 5 of us there but I didn’t even think about pulling out my camera until after everyone had already left 😦 There were probably about 20 ppl there!
Birthday boy!
 The boys
 The camera doesn’t add 5 pounds to Chris, it adds 2 feet!
 He’s like the brother I never had
 Chris & Olivia!
 As you can see, they’re great friends 🙂
 She has all the looks in our family…
 Sisters think alike…we both got Chris kites!
 love my baby girl
 Best friends!
 Liv kept playing with matches so I told her she was grounded…this was her reaction! Priceless!
 yup I have a candle in my ear…and I like how my arm frames the bday boys’ face!
 Love these girls, they always make me laugh!

 haha love this pic!
 cute rach…
 obsessed with matches
 this was rach when she was 6….
 lookin good as a 22 yr old!
 Best friends since they were born 🙂