Happy 50th Dad!

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My dad hit the big 5-0 on November 8th. My mom had been trying to think of something great to do for at least a year now! AND after all that brainstorming and planning, it is safe to say it was a success!

On his actual birthday my mom took him up the coast toward Bodega Bay/Jenner. They went to the Charley Brown museum in Santa Rosa, my dad introduced all of us to Charley Brown when we were little, we always watch the holiday episodes.

My mom also threw my dad a surprise party this past weekend! She did a great job and tried her hardest to hide it from him, but my dad is pretty sneaky and knew something was going on. We threw it at my clubhouse, it was the first useful thing about paying HOA fees… So many of his friends came and I know he really enjoyed seeing everyone. My mom had Chipotle cater it, which was awesome! She hired a dealer for a Texas Holdem Tournament, the dealer wasn’t very good (Mark told me she was stinky and she probably lives out of her car, sad!) but everyone had a blast playing nonetheless.

texas holdemtexas holdem 2

It was a great party! It was fun to be able to be there, I’m so grateful for all my parents friends and the support they have provided each other, I know raising us 4 girls isn’t easy 🙂

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Good work Mom, your party was a hit! And happy birthday Dad! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and know that we love you so much! You are the best!

Shout out to Chipotle, such an easy catering experience! It was great!
how cute are they?!

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50 before 50

wanderYesterday my dad accomplished a big goal. He went to his last 2 states out of 50! He has now been to all 50 states! Ever since I can remember he’s been keeping a list of the states he’s been to, saying that one day he was going to go to every single one, even the boring ones like South Dakota (sorry to all the South Dakota folks out there, but it seems like a pretty boring state.) I’m so proud of him and excited for him! How many people can say they’ve been to all 50 states before they are 50 years old?! My guess is, not many!

I wouldn’t necessarily say my dad loves to travel, but I would say he likes to see new places. He traveled a lot for work when I was a kid and he would always bring me and my sister something cool, like chocolate eggs with toys inside from England and meditations balls from China.

I think I got my love of travel from my dad. As a kid he took me to a conference with him in Buffalo, New York. I thought it was the best trip because I walked around the tech conference, the only kid there, collecting little gadgets from each booth. While there he took me to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side) and taught me about Canadian coins and introduced me to the Hard Rock Cafe (my dad always tried to hit up Hard Rock on trips so he could get a milkshake in their souvenir glass and bring it home to his collection.)

As a senior in high school he said he would take me and my mom on a trip as my “Senior trip,” which has now become a tradition in our family. We went to Italy where I experience my first taste of Europe and gelato. It was such an amazing experience and one I will never forget. It gave me the hunger for culture and seeing the world, which led me to go to Europe with Mark.

So, congratulations dad! And thank you for opening my eyes to the world.

Father’s Day

New ImageA little late, but better late than never. Happy father’s day dad! You are the best father a girl could ask for. You were my “pal pal” when I was little and my guiding light as a young adult. You have taught me so much from how to ride a bike to financial responsibility. Words can’t express how grateful I am for you and how much I love you.