Nice people make the world a beter place

Today was one of those days where I woke up late with 20 minutes to get ready, I jumped in the shower but didn’t have time to wash my hair so I sprayed some dry shampoo, threw it up in a bun, slapped some makeup on and grabbed the first thing in my closet and ran out the door for work, luckily having remembered to feed Leo. I had a million things on my mind, which distracted me from caring what I looked like, because I’m leaving tomorrow for Hawaii!!

Days like today make me laugh because I’ve gotten more compliments from co-workers today than I have the past month combined when I have actually put in effort and tried to look nice. At lunch today I sat at a table next to a girl and guy who I could instantly tell was gay when I heard him talking, and as I went to sit down he said “You look really great, seriously, you look amazing!” It was so genuine followed by the sweetest smile (accompanied by smiling with his eyes, he learned well from Tyra) and it really made my day.  There aren’t enough nice people in this world who take a second to give someone random a compliment.

So I’m going to work on giving compliments more freely.

Note to self: Apparently you look better when you don’t wash your hair and don’t care what you look like. That will work perfect in Hawaii this week!photo