Bumpdate: Week 35

Mark thinks he’s so funny…

5 weeks to go until we get to meet this baby boy! I can’t believe it. We’ve got a lot to do before then…like finish the nursery and figure out his name! The name thing is totally stressing me out. Why can’t they just be born with a name tag on?

A little update on what we e been up to lately: we just went to Hawaii for a week! I was kind of worried about going so far into my pregnancy but it was fine! I had no swelling despite the heat and 90%humidity. I just got to relax on the beach all day while Mark worked, poor guy. Hawaii is just so relaxing and laid back, and not to mention beautiful, there’s no better place to vacation! I got some very interesting looks on the beach but I have no shame anymore. I think the best part was not having to wear real clothes or makeup.

Belly on the beach. This picture kills me, the belly takes up the whole photo. And In case you were wondering, I was at the beach by myself, Mark was working. I told you I have no shame!

image image

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Weight Gain: 23lbs…needless to say more than what I was hoping to be at right now. Oh well, I’ve tried to be healthy and as active as I can, so hopefully it means this is a healthy baby 🙂

Maternity Clothes: I can’t wear anything but maternity clothes now, but still everything is uncomfortable, especially because of the heat! I’m sooo sick of summer, I’ve never said that before! But I’m sooo ready for fall and comfy clothes and layers.

 Sleep: yeah right! I’m up all night now tossing and turning and trying to find a comfortable spot, and going to the bathroom. I keep Mark up all night and I feel terrible.

Movement: All the time. And it’s big movement, where my entire belly moves. Sometimes you can see a foot or leg or elbow poking out my side. This poor baby has no room. Almost every night in Hawaii at about 9:00pm I would feel these small consistent kicks for a solid 30 minutes, I think he had the hiccups! It was funny…and then kind of obnoxious hahah.

Food Cravings: I have been craving chocolate and Dr. Pepper lately (super healthy).

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to my baby showers coming up! I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends and family who are throwing these showers for me and baby.


Bumpdate: Week 27

We are getting big over here. Can you believe we are already to week 27?! On Monday I will officially be in the third trimester!! Ahh! It’s scary and exciting.
Well, here’s a little update on the past month. We went to Rexburg, ID for our friend Chris’ wedding. It was fun to go back to our stomping grounds and reminisce on college, dating, getting engaged, our first apartment together and all our great friends who have touched our lives.

After that we went down to Utah for the Hawkins family reunion (Marks side). We stayed in a gorgeous lodge, I’m sad i didnt take any pictures of it. It was a lot of fun and nice to see all of Marks family and even meet a few wonderful people that I had met yet! After the reunion we got to spend a couple of extra days with Mark’s brother Scott, his wife Dani and their three cute kiddos Paige, Emma & Colton.



On to the Bumpdate!

Weight Gain: 15 pounds

Sleep: What’s that?! It’s getting really uncomfortable and hard to sleep. I wake up every time I roll over because it hurts, it seems like my body rolls over and then my belly decides if it wants to follow. 

Weird Pregnancy Moment: I had to do the dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test and it was everything everyone said it would be…terrible!! Actually the drink itself wasn’t bad. It basically tasted like super sugary, non-carbonated orange soda. I downed it in a couple minutes and thought, “oh this is nothing, I can totally handle this.” So after you drink it you have to sit there in the waiting room for an hour and then right at the hour mark they take your blood. About 30 minutes in my stomach started killing. It was so upset and I knew it was not going to be pretty. The waiting room was packed, almost every chair was taken. I kept looking at the clock trying to speed it up. But at 50 minutes I got up and ran to the bathroom. I didn’t quite make it and I literally spewed orange drink (and scrambled eggs) all over the bathroom floor. I tried to clean it up and sneak back into the waiting room, hoping they didn’t notice, but they were already on the phone with my dr 😦 Needless to say they wouldn’t draw my blood and I had to come back and try again. I was so mad/depressed/scared that that meant I had gestational diabetes.

Well, I went back yesterday to retake it. I took a Zofran before to help keep me from throwing up. This time I decided to stand up while I drank it because it felt better than it just sitting in my stomach. They don’t want you walking around because it burns off the drink so I was a little sneaky and walked over to the magazine rack as often as possible. Thankfully I made it through this time and I was so excited when they called me back to draw my blood!

and the results are in….no gestational diabetes here! Yay! Bring on the sugar!

Movement: All the time! He definitely has cycles when he’s really active, especially when I wake up in the morning and when I lay down to go to bed. Mark has felt him kick many times now, it’s really fun and makes it more real for Mark. 

Food Cravings: French fries


Bumpdate: Week 23

How Far Along: 
23 weeks

Weight Gain: 8 lbs as of my dr appointment last week. I guess that is the only upside to having been so sick, it held off the weight gain for the first trimester and a half.

Maternity Clothes: I bought one maternity shirt, it makes being pregnant feel more fun and less boxy. I also got a pair of white linen pants from Old Navy that I love and are going to be a staple for me this summer. They aren’t maternity but they have a stretchy, fold-over waist.

Sleep: My current favorite thing to do in the morning is lay on the side of my stomach and feel the baby kick me like crazy. He’s probably saying “get off me mom, you’re too heavy!” Don’t worry, I’m not squishing him or putting much pressure on him!

Best Moment This Week: This past weekend our friends, the Blatter’s, invited us up to their family cabin at Lake Tahoe. It was my first time at Lake Tahoe and absolutely loved it! It was so beautiful and relaxing.

I also got a new phone last week! I was due for an upgrade and got the gold iPhone 5s! It takes AH-MAH-ZING pictures! Getting a new phone is the best feeling.




Weird Pregnancy Moment: While on said trip, I got sick driving in Tahoe to a little lake called lake Angora. I made the caravan pull over so I could throw up at Emerald Bay, luckily they had a gorgeous view to look at while I left my mark on nature….and Mark’s leg, who was in the vomit splash zone. I had to repeat the whole process on the way back to the cabin.

Movement: Lots and lots of movement now days. He’s always rolling around in there. I can’t wait for Mark to feel him. Every time the baby’s kicking and I put Mark’s hand there, the baby stops. He’s such a stinker already!

Food Cravings: Junior Mints and Mexican food

What I’m Looking Forward To: Decorating/setting up the baby’s room. We probably need to get started on that.

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Last week we checked a big thing off our bucket list…we went on a cruise! We have been wanting to go on a cruise together since we got married and we finally made time for it! Mark’s been on a few cruises and I’ve been on a little 3day one from southern California to Mexico.
Our cruise took off from Miami and we went to the Eastern Caribbean! It was so beautiful and perfect. The first night and full day were rough waters and we felt a little sick in our room but we took Dramamine before we went to bed and didn’t have any problems! I’m so glad we did this. Our friends Jenn & Scott came with us, it was so much fun to have another couple with us! We went to Nassau (Bahamas), St. Thomas, San Juan (Puerto Rico) & Grand Turk. I wasn’t expecting much from San Juan & Grand Turk but they turned out to be 2 of my favorite places. They were breathtakingly beautiful. We went parasailing, catamaraning, snorkeling, and power snorkeling. We laid out at the beach, by the pool, went to every show on board each night, gambled at the casino, danced, ate our weight in food (especially the midnight pizza & soft serve) and had the best week! I love traveling with my husband, it is our biggest passion together.DSC_0478

St. Thomas
on the catamaran in St. Thomas
St. Thomas
San Juan Old Fort



Grand Turk












How handsome is he?!


Hawaii in October

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to go to Oahu! Mark had to go for work (tough job, right?) and I tagged along! I have to say October is a great time to go on vacation! It’s nice to go somewhere warm when it’s starting to get cold here, come back tan and ready for fall!

We had a great time. It was fun to go to a different island and see and do different things. Oahu has great beaches. Perfect waves that are fun to dive in and out of without getting pummeled into the shore. I already want to go back! We mostly hung out at Turtle Bay. We would go lay on the beach and float in the ocean for the first half of the day and then sneak over to the pool at the resort.  One day we went to Waikiki. That place is great but soo crowded. I am glad we went though. It was really the only “touristy” thing we did. We walked around the international market place, which is going out of business. I was on the hunt for one thing for Mark for Christmas…but I had no such luck photo 1   . Then we walked through some of the gorgeous hotels like the Moana Surfrider (which is stunning. I hope to stay there one day, or have a house designed after it) and the Royal Hawaiian. Both hotels had these huge rocking chairs on the porch so we sat and rocked for a little bit. Then we headed to the beach and found our selves some Stand up paddle board rentals! After paying they basically sent us out. All they told us was to stand with our knees bent. They didn’t even tell us which boards to take, or warn us that they weighed a ton! I couldn’t even carry it to the water, Mark had to do it for me! (Pathetic.) Mark really didn’t want to try the SUPB because he was embarrassed that he wouldn’t be able to stand up. But he was a good sport and new I REALLY wanted to do it, so he came with me. We started out on our knees and paddled out away from the crowds and then decided to just try and stand up. Next thing I knew I was standing and saw Mark standing, then a wave came and took him out. But he got back up and we had a blast! At one point there were 3 sea turtles right next to us! It was amazing! We both fell once or twice but it wasn’t bad (although I did get a raspberry on my stomach from the board.) We were so glad we did it and would totally recommend it to everyone! My legs were sore the next day from squatting and trying to stay balanced.

photo 2

The rest of our trip consisted of hitting the beach, eating amazing food, going to a high school football game (Mark is the only person who goes to Hawaii and wants to go to a hs football game, but those guys were massive!), eat haupia pie from Teds, watching the locals surf and boogie board in the huge swells, and eating lots of coconut-macadamia nut shrimp.

photo 3

photo 5
Until next time Hawaii…
photo 4
We saw Drake Bell, from the nickelodeon show Drake & Josh, at Turtle Bay. I knew it was him by how animated he was when he talked…drama geek 😉

Anniversary Getaway


photo 5

photo 3


photo 4mephoto 1

photo 2
This boy kills me!





We stopped in the cute downtown Petaluma on our way homw.

This past weekend we went on a little getaway to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We decided to go somewhere neither of us had even been. We found a great deal on Groupon and decided to give Timber Cove Inn a shot. It’s up past Bodega Bay and Jenner on Highway 1. It was such a beautiful drive, I didn’t even mind being stuck in traffic on a one lane road!
It was the perfect little getaway. The coast line was unbelievable and the place we stayed was so darling! Our room was a little loft and I loved it! The hotel had a fabulous restaurant overlooking the ocean where we ate duck for dinner and amazing french toast for brunch. It was a very relaxing trip, we watched the sunset, walked the trails along the cliffs, watched sea lions splash and just enjoyed each others company. I am so lucky to have such wonderful person in my life. My heart just melts when I look at these pictures of Mark. He made the trip such a blast, I was constantly laughing.


Warning: Long over-due post ahead

So much has happened since I last blogged: Rachel, my mom and I went down to Southern California to 1. pick up her visa 2. go to my cousin Natasha & Wes’ wedding 3. see family and 4. go to Disneyland of course! We also sent little Rachy on her way to Spain for the next 18 months and then left the next day to go to Utah for a Barker Family Reunion. This going to be a long post with lots of pictures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

road tripRoad trip to Southern California

minnie earsNo Disney trip is complete without Minnie Ears

cars landWe have been dying to go to Cars Land, and it was well worth the wait!

photo boothPhoto booth at Natasha and Wes’ wedding

rachelRachel leaving for Spain

boating  Mark, Courtney, me and our cousin Robbie. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Michelle for taking us! It was a highlight of the trip!

family reunionThe Barker Family

great grandpaOur family with Great Grandpa Flenniken. He’s 99 years old and so sharp. I wouldn’t be surprised if he lives to be 150! He’s the sweetest man I’ve ever met, I hope to be half the person he is.

familyOur family with Grandma Bev stepping in for Rachel 🙂

friends  One of the highlights of the trip was seeing these beauties and their husbands! They are two of my best friends and I’m so glad that it worked out that we could all get together for dinner. Glenna you are a trooper for coming despite being sick! And Melissa I hope your trip to Jacob’s Lake and the Grand Canyon was great! I love you gorgeous souls!

To wrap things up, it was a wonderful couple of weeks. It was harder to say bye to Rachel than I thought it would be, I assumed I would feel like she was just going back to school for the semester. I think the difference is that I can’t just pick up the phone to call her or text her when I feel like it. But 18 months will fly by and will change her life forever. I’m so proud of her and this selfless decision she has made. She’s already been in the MTC in Madrid for 3 weeks. If you want to read her emails you can follow her blog at http://hermanarachelbarker.blogspot.com/

A different view of San Francisco

invented the mission burrito
please excuse the bird…I didn’t mean to flip the camera off, I was just struggling to hold the burrito that weighed that of a small child



What three year old can wink?! This one!
These girls did work on that banana split!
I thought this house was gorgeous with the succulents on the stairs
Sweet baby Cora
A post isn’t complete without Leo…who is now a lap cat!

While Dave and Lauren were here we went to San Francisco with them for a little day trip. I knew I was in for an adventure because Dave is not one to do the typical touristy day. He beats to his own drum and makes everything more fun. First stop of the day was the Mission. I had never been over to this side of the city, it was like driving into Tijuana or Ensenada! Dave and Mark love Yelp and Dave found the place that made the mission burrito famous. We went there for lunch and boy was it delicious! I scarfed down that monster and enjoyed every bite…I’m embarrassed to admit that I ate more than Mark and Dave but it was so worth it!

After, we went over to Lands End Trails and Seal Rocks, which I had never been to before. It was so beautiful, but a bit chilly. It’s on the West side of the Golden Gate bridge near Bakers beach. I will be going back there to explore the beaches. We drove around the city a little, went down Filbert street, the steepest street, went past Lombard street which was absolutely gorgeous filled with amazing bright hydrangeas, it was unreal! We wanted to go by again to get some pictures but it was too busy.

America’s cup is taking place in the city right now so it was packed! After vetoing Pier 39 due to the crowds we decided to head across the bay and over to Fenton’s Creamery, I was all for this decision. If you have not been to Fenton’s you are missing out big time! They have the most amazing sundays and even their food is great. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

It was also our niece Coraline’s baby blessing so we had a great time all getting together for dinner. I love this sweet little baby and she melted my heart when she smiled at me this weekend!

50 before 50

wanderYesterday my dad accomplished a big goal. He went to his last 2 states out of 50! He has now been to all 50 states! Ever since I can remember he’s been keeping a list of the states he’s been to, saying that one day he was going to go to every single one, even the boring ones like South Dakota (sorry to all the South Dakota folks out there, but it seems like a pretty boring state.) I’m so proud of him and excited for him! How many people can say they’ve been to all 50 states before they are 50 years old?! My guess is, not many!

I wouldn’t necessarily say my dad loves to travel, but I would say he likes to see new places. He traveled a lot for work when I was a kid and he would always bring me and my sister something cool, like chocolate eggs with toys inside from England and meditations balls from China.

I think I got my love of travel from my dad. As a kid he took me to a conference with him in Buffalo, New York. I thought it was the best trip because I walked around the tech conference, the only kid there, collecting little gadgets from each booth. While there he took me to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side) and taught me about Canadian coins and introduced me to the Hard Rock Cafe (my dad always tried to hit up Hard Rock on trips so he could get a milkshake in their souvenir glass and bring it home to his collection.)

As a senior in high school he said he would take me and my mom on a trip as my “Senior trip,” which has now become a tradition in our family. We went to Italy where I experience my first taste of Europe and gelato. It was such an amazing experience and one I will never forget. It gave me the hunger for culture and seeing the world, which led me to go to Europe with Mark.

So, congratulations dad! And thank you for opening my eyes to the world.

Oh the Places You’ll Go…like the Rose Parade/Bowl

For Christmas my awesome dad gave me and Mark tickets to the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl! It was on New Years day so on New Years Eve day we drove down to Southern California and stayed with my cute grandparents. We ate dinner and watched a little of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve with them.We couldn’t find any channel that showed the ball drop in New York at 9 😦 We were already tired and figured it would be smart to go to bed since we had to be up so early the next morning to get to the festivities! So we said Happy New Year and were in bed by 9:30 pm…party animals! It was a good effort but neither of us could sleep. It seemed like every time I was about to fall asleep Mark would roll over or cough or fireworks would go off.
We woke up bright and early at 4:30am and were out the door by 5:30! We were very lucky and didn’t hit any traffic until we were in Pasadena and we were able to find away around it all and got a great parking spot thanks to advice from Mark’s brother. We made it to the bleacher and were in our seats with krispy kreme doughnuts and hot chocolate 40 minutes before the parade started! We didn’t know the floats were already lined up and we could have walked right by each of them, I would have loved to do that and look at the detail on all the floats…oh well! We loved the parade, especially the Bomber fly over, the Carsland float, and the military home coming (the wife and little son had no idea their husband/dad was home and in the parade!) I cried 🙂 I don’t really like watching parades on TV but they are so worth it in person. Yes, I did just say that the parade was worth waking up at 4:30 am for.

After the parade we followed the masses to the Rose Bowl Stadium for the Tailgate Party. Is it sad to say that the tailgate may have been our favorite thing of the whole day? All you can eat BBQ (I got a chicken apple sausage and my life will never be the same! AMAZING!), salads, wings, drinks, fruit, cookies, you name it, they had it! We sat in the huge tent eating ourselves fat and happy. Then we lounged in there for about an hour people watching!

Once we were full and it got too crowded in there we headed across the parking lot to the Stadium. We wandered and took our time. We finally got to our seats and the pre-game festivities started. The bowl game was Stanford vs. Wisconsin. It started with another fly over by the Bomber, which is amazing. Then both school’s bands went out and performed. Wisconsin’s was amazing and made the Stanford band look like the amateurs they are. They are so embarrassing and make me not want to root for Stanford. I can’t even count how many people were in the band but didn’t have an instrument…
Anyways, they game started off looking like it was going to be a blowout by Stanford but ended up being a close and exciting game! We had a blast (except for the frat boys sitting behind us spilling their beer all over us. I think between the 3 guys they had about 21 beers…they didn’t even know what game they were at or what the score was.) Other than that we had such a great day, it was the perfect way to start off 2013! Thanks for the experience dad and all the awesome tickets!