Year in Review

Seeing as today is the last day of 2014, I’ve obviously been reflecting over the year and my first thought is “2014 has been the best year yet!” But when I look closer, it was actually a pretty crappy year since I spent most of it over the toilet throwing up! However, 2014 did produce the best result I could ever dream of! Our baby Mason has improved our lives beyond words. Yes, we are tired. Yes, there are moments every day that are really hard. But I’ve never felt more fulfilled. I truly believe this is what I am meant to do.

Enough of the sappy stuff! Here’s to wrapping up a year full of vomit and welcoming a year full of firsts (with a baby there is a new first almost every day and it’s so fun to watch Mason discover the world!)

Here’s my year in review via my iPhone:

January– We started the year on a cruise to the Caribbean with our friends Jenn & Scott. We had so much fun!

jan2 jan

February- We met up with my cousin Natasha and her husband Wes in the city before they moved to NYC. This was also the night we found out we were pregnant!


March-  We celebrated our 25th birthdays (I was sick as a dog) and we announced we were pregnant.


April- We went to a Giants game and they went on to win the World Series!


May- We found out that we were having a boy. Also, my college roommate, Glenna, and her husband Ioua came to visit! I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of all of us, Glenna took them on her camera. Hopefully one day I can get some of those pictures, but she just had a baby girl!! So I can wait 🙂

may may-glenna

June- We were invited to Scott & Jenn’s family cabin in Tahoe and had a wonderful time paddle boarding around lake Angora and playing games in the cabin. Thank you so much for inviting us Blatters!

We also had the privilege to go back to Rexburg, ID for Chris & Cambry’s wedding!


July- We went to the Warren’s cabin one last time for the 4th of July before it was sold. We also got to go visit Seattle! We love traveling, especially together, so it was fun to explore a new city together.

4th of julyjuly july-seattle

August- This summer was full of travels before the baby came. We went to Hawaii and I spent all my time on the beach tanning my large, round belly. I got lots of stares but I didn’t care!


September- I was spoiled rotten and was thrown beautiful baby showers! Thank you so much to those that hosted and those that came, I love you all!

sept sept 2

October- The month I had been waiting so long for finally came and we got to meet our sweet baby boy that changed our lives! No words will ever adequately describe that experience.

We celebrated our first Halloween with a baby. He did not enjoy dressing up…

We also went on our first date post-baby and my dad watched Mason for us when he was just 17 days old! Grandpa was Mason’s first babysitter and he did a fantastic job! Thanks dad!

octoct 2  nov

November- We blessed Mason the Sunday following Thanksgiving. It was so special to have so many family members there for it, including Mason’s 100 year old Great-great grandfather.

nov 2

December- Christmas was so magical with a baby this year and I can’t wait for the coming years when Mason can open presents and get excited and understand Christmas a little more.

dec 2 dec

I’m not sure what 2015 has in store for us, but with Mark & Mason by my side, and the love and support of our families, I know it will be a great year and I’m excited to see what lies ahead! I’m excited for my sister Rachel to get home from her mission in Spain at the end of January and meet Mason!