10 months


It’s funny, each month that goes by I am filled with mixed emotions. Each month is better than the last, except for things like diaper changes, yet I find myself so sad that my baby is growing up so quickly. I just want time to slow down, although I do catch myself looking at the clock to see how close we are to nap time or bedtime some days! Mason is so busy, I hear that’s a boy thing. He’s never sitting still, if he is it’s for 30 seconds while the theme song for “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” is on. He loves all the theme songs for all the Disney Junior shows and dances and sometimes sings along, it kills me every time! He’s all boy and his new favorite thing to do is play with his truck and cars. A couple of weeks ago we were over at my parents house, we’ve been bugging them a lot and stayed with them while we had our open house and showings (P.S. we are moving to Utah in 3 weeks for anyone who didn’t know that) and my dad taught Mason how to push the cars instead of throwing them. Now he pushes them from room to room and it keeps him occupied longer than any other toy! He also loves throwing balls, mostly with his left hand, we will see if that sticks. Mark is hoping he will be a left-handed pitcher and play professional baseball 😉 He finally has a tooth that broke through on the bottom and is working on the other front bottom tooth. He cruises around with his walker, Mark thinks he looks like a little old man. He’s taken a step to me and to the furniture and could totally walk but doesn’t know he can. Although I’m in no hurry for him to walk for a couple reasons: 1. I’m sure he will be running as soon as he learns to walk and 2. then he officially won’t be a baby anymore 😦 He loves to try to get into things he knows he shouldn’t, like the pots and pans and the carbon monoxide detector. I don’t understand that one because when he pulls it out of the wall it makes a horrific, loud beeping sound until it is plugged back in. The first time it happened I thought for sure he was going to be def. He never cries, he just sits there and looks at me. We’re working on teaching him not to touch it lol. He thinks it so funny when I laugh. He loves splashing in the bath and I’m usually soaked by the time we get him out of the tub. He makes us laugh every day. It is impossible to look at him and not smile, even when he’s grumpy, he just makes everyone around him happy. He can be quite a little stinker but he sure is cute.IMG_5311 IMG_5312 IMG_5424 IMG_5435 IMG_5448 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5478 IMG_5484


8 months

IMG_4830Are you sick of me saying this month has been my favorite? Well I don’t know how it’s possible, but each day just gets better than the last! I mean, there are some rough days where Mason has been constantly whining, which I would have sworn was due to teething but no teeth have come through yet. But I just can’t get enough of this little guy. His personality comes out a little more every day and he has us cracking up all day long. He learned how to crawl a week and a half ago and has already moved on to trying to climb all over me all the time. Today he stood by himself long enough for me to turn and grab my phone, snap some pictures and take a short video until my phone said I was out of storage, which happens every day, I take too many pictures and videos of him I guess. Just the past couple of days he has seemed to understand what a kiss is and now gives me those big, slobbery, open mouth, long kisses (like 3-5 seconds). They are kind of gross, if you ask my sister Courtney she will say they are nasty, but I think they are so sweet and they make my heart burst. We love that he is starting to show more affection. He snuggles into us and even will reach for Mark over me sometimes. I’m already dreading the day Mason thinks Mark is cooler than me, haha. He’s obsessed with sucking on my hair, it’s disgusting. He loves the water! I think his favorite time is bath time. Today I took him swimming and he splashed the whole time. He wanted nothing to do with me, he just wanted to face the water and splash. He loves when I turn around at red lights in the car and play peak a boo, he giggles so loud! When you tickle his feet he plays along and pretends like its really ticklish and kicks his feet and laughs. He likes to watch Leo eat and finally went for his food bowl and grabbed a handful of cat food. Luckily I was right there and he didn’t get any in his mouth.

As each month goes by and I write these little updates for me to remember these little details in the future, I get a little sad that it’s going by so fast and my little baby isn’t a baby and he’s crawling and will be walking soon. But at the same time, each month is more fun than the last and it’s so fun to watch Mason grow and learn new things. I am so grateful that God sent this sweet, loving little boy to our family. He brings so much happiness to us. I don’t know if life gets anymore perfect than this.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender IMG_4745 IMG_4749 IMG_4762 IMG_4818 IMG_4825

These monthly pictures are getting hard to take! I can’t get Mason to sit still, look at me and smile! I need an assistant.

Standing!!!! Granted, he is standing against the chair but he’s not leaning back on it…IMG_4828

7 months


Mason is 7 months! He’s such a ball of energy now. He’s on the verge of crawling, he rocks on his hands and knees and falls forward but then gets so mad that he can only go backwards and turn. He actually hates when I make him practice and whines the second his knees hit the ground. I’m a mean mom. Time to start baby proofing the house! He already has noticed the outlets and looks like that’s going to be the first thing he goes for once he’s mobile, after attacking Leo of course.

Mason fake coughs all day long. I’m pretty sure he got it from Baby Einsteins Old MacDonald. It’s pretty funny, he thinks so too. Speaking of funny, he thinks pretty much any noise we make is funny, especially fart sounds. He’s a total boy.

He still loves swinging and now cries when we take him out and put him in his stroller to go home. He found the plastic window in the visor on the stroller and looks up through it the whole walk.11164813_10205510276489747_6151995975511307607_n10422531_10205510294850206_5506736820299557514_n

He now turns and reaches (weakly) for you when he wants to be held. He babbles all day and makes the cutest noises. He says mama when he cries and I’m obsessed! He’s still a total mama’s boy and I couldn’t be happier about it. I love my little boyfriend.

He weighs between 19-20 pounds, he’s quite heavy! I’ve finally decided to leave the car seat in the car and just carry him to and from the car because it’s too much to try to carry him in his car seat.

Mason loves his jumper and it is so funny to watch him jump. He crosses his little feet and jumps on his toes. Mark says it looks like he’s an Irish dancer.

He still loves Baby Einsteins, it’s his go to when he needs to be calmed, but he is starting to like movies. We watched The Croods, and shorts like Cars short stories.

We bought him his first stuffed animal, Mickey Mouse and he loves to chew on it. He loves to chew on anything for that matter. He’s still working on those bottom teeth, it feels like he’s been teething for months! It hasn’t affected him too much, except maybe he’s more tired?10659380_10205510292650151_8145882153621738183_n17089_10205510289730078_8996178862790930010_nHe’s sleeping from 7:30pm-7:30am. Last week he must have been going through a growth spurt because he slept in until 9:30am all week! I enjoyed getting to sleep in too!

We love this cute, squishy little boy so much! He makes me laugh all day long and I just can’t get enough of him. 11215863_10205510276649751_140272936515463995_n 11020735_10205510282529898_349701388380812915_n

10406996_10205510278529798_6833885816232683148_n 10409510_10205510280569849_3544084050455677474_n 11188473_10205510288050036_7697141514469890253_n