Bumpdate: Week 35

Mark thinks he’s so funny…

5 weeks to go until we get to meet this baby boy! I can’t believe it. We’ve got a lot to do before then…like finish the nursery and figure out his name! The name thing is totally stressing me out. Why can’t they just be born with a name tag on?

A little update on what we e been up to lately: we just went to Hawaii for a week! I was kind of worried about going so far into my pregnancy but it was fine! I had no swelling despite the heat and 90%humidity. I just got to relax on the beach all day while Mark worked, poor guy. Hawaii is just so relaxing and laid back, and not to mention beautiful, there’s no better place to vacation! I got some very interesting looks on the beach but I have no shame anymore. I think the best part was not having to wear real clothes or makeup.

Belly on the beach. This picture kills me, the belly takes up the whole photo. And In case you were wondering, I was at the beach by myself, Mark was working. I told you I have no shame!

image image

How Far Along: 35 weeks

Weight Gain: 23lbs…needless to say more than what I was hoping to be at right now. Oh well, I’ve tried to be healthy and as active as I can, so hopefully it means this is a healthy baby 🙂

Maternity Clothes: I can’t wear anything but maternity clothes now, but still everything is uncomfortable, especially because of the heat! I’m sooo sick of summer, I’ve never said that before! But I’m sooo ready for fall and comfy clothes and layers.

 Sleep: yeah right! I’m up all night now tossing and turning and trying to find a comfortable spot, and going to the bathroom. I keep Mark up all night and I feel terrible.

Movement: All the time. And it’s big movement, where my entire belly moves. Sometimes you can see a foot or leg or elbow poking out my side. This poor baby has no room. Almost every night in Hawaii at about 9:00pm I would feel these small consistent kicks for a solid 30 minutes, I think he had the hiccups! It was funny…and then kind of obnoxious hahah.

Food Cravings: I have been craving chocolate and Dr. Pepper lately (super healthy).

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to my baby showers coming up! I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends and family who are throwing these showers for me and baby.


Bumpdate: Week 18

How Far Along: 18 weeks

Weight Gain: No weight gain yet probably because I’ve been really sick this past week with a bad cold so I’ve had no appetite and its been a struggle to eat. But Mark makes sure I eat something for the baby 🙂 Already a good dad.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but I do need to get a belly band, my pants are uncomfortable and it’s embarrassing to unbutton them in public, but not too embarrassing that I don’t do it!

Sleep: I’m uncomfortable and still trying to get use to not sleeping on my stomach and squishing the baby. In between coughing and blowing my nose all night I’ve managed to get some sleep.

Best Moment This Week: Mark and I went to the store on Saturday to get me some medicine and when we parked I swung open my door and threw up in the Walmart parking lot (classy). It was the first time I’ve thrown up in public and I was so embarrassed but so sick that I also didn’t really care. The best moment was some guy came up to us and said he was a medic and asked if I needed help. While it was embarrassing, it was nice to have a complete stranger be so sincere and be a Good Samaritan (even if it is his duty since he’s a medic.) Its nice to see there are still nice people out there.

Weird Pregnancy Moment: I’m not sure I can blame it all on pregnancy, but I sneezed so hard it made me pee my pants a little, just a couple of drops. I thought it was so funny and was dying laughing and Mark was totally grossed out. Luckily we were at home.

Movement: Nothing yet but dr said probably this week!

Food Cravings: Since I was sick this week I didn’t really have any cravings except fried rice one night. I have been craving Taco Bell nacho supreme for the past 4 months though! I can’t get enough of the salty chips and nacho cheese!

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m really looking forward to feeling the baby move and finding out the gender in two weeks! I feel like it will feel more real then.

A case of the 24 hour morning sickness

Right now I’m only 7 weeks along and feel sort of lame writing this because obviously I’m not going to post it right now but I want to write it down so I I remember. Actually I’m hoping to forget because I’ve been sooo sick! I have a weak stomach so I was assuming that I would have some morning sickness but I wasn’t prepared for morning sickness ALL. DAY. LONG! The best way to describe it is that it feels like im coming down with the flu, weak and stomach pains from the nausea. I had to quit my job this week because I can barely get out of bed. I was so disappointed and had so many mixed emotions. I was disappointed in myself and feared that Mark would be disappointed in me. I just got this job with Safeway corporate that I really wanted. I tried my best to tough it out but when all you can focus on the entire day is “don’t throw up,” I clearly new it wasn’t going to work out. I also knew it wouldn’t work out because I was supposed to train for three months and then i would have to find a department with an opening and apply for that spot, and by that time I would only have realistically 3 months to actually work…it felt like a waste of my time and theirs. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed that I am able to not work right now and take care of myself. They were so great though and said that if I start feeling better to give them a call and they can help me find something until this baby comes. Anyways it looks like it was the right decision because each day seems to get worse. I’ve been throwing up at least once a day now and rarely feel any relief from the severe nausea all day. It seems to come in waves about every two hours until I go to sleep at night. I’m so ready to be done with this stage, even though I know that’s the worst outlook but this is not fun (read in a whiny voice, of course). Marks been soo great to me, trying to find foods that don’t sound completely repulsive to me and bringing more crackers and Gatorade. He cleans the house and does all the dishes not ever once acknowledging how pathetic I am. I’ve been living on the couch the past three days, feeling very accomplished for getting up and opening the sliding glass door so Leo can go bask in the sun on our patio, at least one of us is getting out of the house! And today my big accomplishment was getting in the shower after I threw up, I washed my hair and even shaved my armpits!

I’m anxious for my first Dr appointment next week. All I can hope for is a healthy kidney bean sized baby…and that the doc can give me something to help me feel less nauseous, or at the very least knock me out! (Just kidding…sort of…)