Last night we had a fun date night with our good friends the Sorensens. We went and saw the movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfred, I think that’s how you spell it? I absolutely loved the movie! It was so interesting and I liked how different it was but you could also compare it to real life. I thought all the actors were perfect. It was a hit, all 4 of us liked the movie!

Then we went back to the Sorensen’s apartment and watched our wedding videos! This may sound strange, but it was such a fun activity, I would definitely recommend couples doing this. You get to know so much about the other couple just from their wedding videos. Brent and Jamie are so cute together, I love their story. They have known each other since elementary school. They are such a fun and positive couple, we love being around them and are really going to miss them when they move next semester.
During our wedding video we had a section where Mark’s brother interviewed us individually, like the newly wed game. I have always hated that video because it was 10:00 at night and we had gone swimming that day and I just felt ugly and grimey. Jamie kept saying “you look so beautiful, even with just a ponytail in your hair. I would never look that good in a video.” I thought she was just being herself and being nice but after she said that about 3 more times I realized she was being sincere. I told her I didn’t think I looked good and she made a good point, we are our biggest critics. That is soo true. I guess after almost 23 years of looking at myself in the mirror, I know all my flaws.
Why are we so hard on ourselves? Other people don’t see all the flaws that we see in ourselves. But then we see girls who look confident and assume they are cocky and full of themselves {which, they are 98% of the time.}
So is it possible for confidence and humily to coexist?

In other news, today I went shopping with Jamie and she helped me pick something to wear to the wedding! I’m so glad she was there because I probably wouldn’t have even tried it on if she wasn’t there because of the price tag. But it ended up being 20% off. Now if only she could be at the wedding with me…

Tonight we had another couples night! We went over to the Langi’s cute new apartment and the boys watched football and played video games while we watched the Justin Bieber movie, lisa tried on her whole wardrobe, re-activated my twitter account and burned off the pizza and cocoa bean laughing. It was such a great night! Thanks jamie and lisa! #neversaynever


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  1. HAHA kelli, the hashtag at the end made me laugh!! #neversayneverhilarious. thank you for all the compliments kelli! and for the record, yes – i was being sincere. you looked adorable in that video and i loved watching the interviews! even got a little teary eyed during your guys' first dance as husband and wife with the voice overs. successful weekend! oh and i loved the part about lisa trying on her wardrobe haha she was making me laugh so much. #lovetheweekends

  2. whole wardrobe….really kelli. #waittillyouhaveababybump hahahaha. its was one skirt! ps. looking at your pics on the side. i love the oakland temple!last night really was hilarious though.

  3. haha both your comments cracked me up! Thanks jay, I loved watching your engagement video p.s. teach me how to jump rope, this week?definitely a successful weekend, lets do that every night for the next 2 weeks before you move?!#lovedlaughingsohardwithyouthaticriedlisa-kidding! i know it was one skirt but the best part was one leg with tights and one without and 2 different colored shoes, and searching through your closet. You could wear the ugliest outfit and still rock it. #ihaveabiggerbabybumpthanyouandi'mNOTpregnant:)

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