Bumpdate: Week 37


We’ve been busy around here with wonderful baby showers, decorating the baby’s room and clearing out junk. I also spent a day doing laundry full of sweet baby clothes and tiny socks. We installed the car seat in my car, which is weird to see every time I get in the car. I’ve got my hospital bag packed and ready to go! Now I just need to finish reading “Baby Wise”.

image image image

I had my now weekly dr appointment yesterday and my dr predicted this baby will be a high 6 pounder, which made me happy to hear but I know it’s just a prediction and she could be wayyy off, but at least it eases some of my anxiety.


How Far Along: 37 weeks (20 days to go, but who’s counting?!)

Weight Gain: a whopping 27 pounds! How is that possible with all the throwing up that’s gone on this whole time? Oh well, hopefully that means this baby will have some yummy rolls on him! And to make myself feel better, I’m grateful I haven’t gotten any stretch marks! Let’s keep that up these last few weeks!

Maternity Clothes: I pretty much have 4 outfits that fit me now, and they are all skirts or dresses because it’s too hot to wear pants! Seriously, it was 100degrees for three days straight last week.where are you fall?!

Sleep: ha! All I can say is sleep use to be my favorite hobby, now I dread it every night. This past weekend I took a three hour nap Saturday and Sunday.

Best Moment This Week: We went on a spontaneous date on a Tuesday night! It was so fun. We went to dinner and then went to Target at got some treats and Icees and snuck them into the movie theater and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought it was going to be stupid but it was pretty funny.

Movement: This poor baby is so compact in there, it seems like he has no room. It’s amazing how strong tiny little baby’s are though, he kicks and squirms so hard it makes my entire upper body move. He’s a stinker though and every time someone puts their hand on my stomach to feel him move, he stops!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Not being pregnant and so hot all the time! But mostly holding this little boy and seeing what he looks like!


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