sick obsessesion

I know it is pathetic and I never thought I would love Snookie, but I am obsessed with the Jersey Shore! The best part is that Mark is obsessed too! So I don’t feel so pathetic. We come home from school, work and basketball practice and turn on our guilty pleasure every Thursday at 10 🙂 Pauly makes me laugh and I want to hang out with him. He reminds me of my friends Zack and Kamiar from home, man I miss those boys! I want to be friends with Snookie because everything she does makes me laugh. I want to slide down the stairs on a matrice with her. She reminds me of Ronisha, one of my besties. I want to be friends with Jwow because she is so loyal and would beat up mean people for me, I have a few in mind that she could start with!
Sometimes I wish I was more Italian so I could be on that show…pathetic I know, but 1/4 Italian isn’t gonna cut it.
They are going to Italy next season! I’m so jealous.


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